Professional Recertification Exam

An essential part of the Jewelers of America Professional Certification program is its requirement for periodic recertification, which allows the jewelry industry to keep certification meaningful by ensuring that the skills and knowledge of Jewelers of America Professional Certification designees remain current.

Recertification protect the investment you made in becoming a certified professional and keep your knowledge level current. Re-certify now so that your JA certification doesn’t expire. If your certification lapses, you will have to re-apply for certification and re-take the proctored exam again. 


$35 per exam, for employees of JA Member Stores
$55 per exam, for Non-JA Member

*NEW: Certification exams are now available online.

JA Certified Sales Professional (CSP) Level 1: entry-level jewelry sales personnel with about one year’s experience.
JA Certified Senior Sales Professional (CSSP) Level 2: moderate to advanced sales skills and knowledge of a jewelry sales professional. Completion of CSP Level 1 is required.

JA Certified Management Professional (CMP) Level 1: entry-level jewelry management personnel with about one year’s experience; reflective of what is commonly needed to manage stores in a multi-unit operation.
JA Certified Senior Management Professional (CSMP) Level 2:  managers independently owned stores, who must address concerns such as financing, advertising and pricing.  Completion of Level 1 CMP is required.

  1. Register for the JA Certified Professional Recertification Exam. 
  2. After registration is processed, Jewelers of America will send (via email) the exam link, password, and instructions for each certification candidate.
  3. An internet enabled device with good internet connection is need to access the exam.
  4. Each exam must be taken in one sitting within a one-hour time limit. The online exam has a timer and will close when the one-hour has expired.
  5. Candidate must pass the exam with a minimum grade of 75%.
  6. Email to let Jewelers of America know the exam is completed.

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